Our eight station,  50’ Indoor Pistol Range features a state of the art ventilation
system and an adjacent meeting room for shooters to gather before and after
their shoot. The state of the art indoor pistol range (IDR) has an electronic
target retrieval system; updated re-circulation HEPA filtered air scrubbers
for the ventilation system; and upgraded sound insulation.  The restroom facility
and several shooting stations have also been upgraded to ADA standards.

From September through April there are two traveling teams which shoot .22 cal. National Gallery Match Bullseye competitive league. Competition starts 7:30 PM.
Only the top 5 scores from each team count towards the final score of the match so any shooter, new or experienced, is welcome to join the league.  Too many times we hear "I'm not good enough to be on a team" - REMEMBER:  You are basically shooting against yourself each week to improve your average score so give it a try!  Low scores DO NOT affect the team score. 

In the summer there are two non-traveling teams which shoot .22 cal. National Gallery Match Bullseye competitive leagues that shoot 7 PM Mondays and Tuesdays.  The IDR is open to all members and escorted guests.

For information on league shooting or IDR issues please contact Stacy Kehoe at:

Members -$2.00
Guests  $5.00
Children of Members under 18 free