The basic philosophy of MBSC 22 Long Rifle Shoots is to provide an enjoyable, safe venue for the participants and by doing so help those shooters become better marksmen. In order to provide a level playing field for all shooters and avoid an expensive auxiliary equipment race between shooters, the following guidelines are in effect:

 A. The only allowed support equipment to be used is sandbags and/or bipods
  or a combination of the 2. Other equipment may be allowed at a shoot if
  prior notice is made in the match format. Please check course of fire for
  each scheduled match.

 B. All shooters are expected to be courteous and respectful to other shooters 
and range staff and submit accurate scores.  

Rifles are classified into divisions as follows:

  SPORT CLASS - Any safe rifle action. Barrel measures 0.710" or less at
  the muzzle. Original stock, trigger or barrel may be upgraded by the owner
  long as the rifle remains safe to use. Any front support that does not equal
  or exceed listed open class equipment may be used.

  MATCH CLASS - Any safe rifle action. Barrel measures larger than .711"
  at the muzzle but no greater than 1.10" at the muzzle. Original stock, trigger
  or barrel may be ugraded by the owner as long as the rifle remains safe to 
  use. Any front support that does not equal or exceed listed open class 
  equipment may be used.

  OPEN CLASS - Any safe rifle action, using a barrel tuner device or barrel
  diameter no greater than 1.10" at the muzzle. Use of accessories such as 
  bench rest type front support, tripod, front support bags greater than 9 1/2"
  in length or width, bipods with legs wider than 9 1/2" or any other device
  the Match Director believes elevates the stability of the support structure
  above that of other competitors in Sport or Match classes.


 *During competitions where metal targets are used, only .22LR rimfire
  ammo is allowable. Also - only target grade or standard velocity
  ammo is acceptable. No high velocity or hypervelocity ammo can be
  used as it could cause target damage or an unsafe ricochet.

 *During competitions using solely paper targets or frangible targets
  such as pool chalk, lollipops, soda straws, matchsticks, aspirins or
  other such items, alternative rimfire calibers/cartridges may be used
  according to the match directors instructions.

"Use of any centerfire ammo during a .22lr competition will be determined by the Match Director, and noted on the Match Program"

  *Same restrictions as rimfire ammo when using frangible targets.

  Caliber/cartridge restricted to 308 WIN maximum unless
  otherwise noted by Match Director

April 20th - Pool Chalk & Lollipops  
May 18th - MoBeach Silhouette 
June 15th - Steel Eggs & Real Eggs 

July 20th - TBA
August 17th - TBA
September 21st - TBA
October 19th - TBA
November 16th - TBA

Please ALWAYS check the Match Format for specifics PRIOR to arriving at he range for the match.

Any questions pertaining to .22LR matches should be sent to the Match
  Director, Tony Almeida email:  aalmeida0229@gmail.
Hello Competitors & other people

Here's today's results, which you should have been anxiously awaiting.


  Exceptional class

David K 240
Al S  . 234
Steve D  . 233
Rosalie M . 233
Dennis T  232
Jack F  226
Tony B  225
Bruce F  211
Ellen M  204
Casey H 199
Doug M   189
Sue R   176
Andre P   166
Cheryl B   158
Kevin B   150

  Open class

Ernest H  211

  Pistol class

Paul S   127

  Match class

Steve S  228
Jake F   226
Warren W  222
Bill H    222
Paul H  . 221
Bruce h  218
Peter R  210
Brian B 203
Gary R  197
Dave F  194

  Sport class 

Russ B  226
Rich B  208  
Paul T  189
Justin S 183
Roger P  162
Ken L  141
Jack S  138
Leah M  127
Charlie M  109  
Dan G 103
Tom C  66
Rob L  52

Myself, and the MoBeach Match Madman Mob would like to show our appreciation to the 38 competitors who attended today's event.

So with that in mind, you're all expected to compete in next month's event.

Match program will be send to you by Tuesday.

A special thanks to today's new competitors, Justin Souza, Paul Souza, Doug Morin, Tom Choate, Cheryl Bush, Casey Hallahan,
& Dan Gilmore. We're happy to lead you all down the rabbit hole !

SIDE NOTES: Jack Foley, I got your stool for safe keeping, if anybody knows Tom Choate's email, I need it, 'coz mine ain't right .

50/50 raffle paid the winner $75. Next month it could be YOU !

That's it, see you next month

MoBeach Match Mad Mob Management 

Hello Friends, Acquaintances, & Strangers >

What's the Course of Fire for this month 
I hear you ask. Well just read thru all the blah, blah, blah, until you get to it!

This is a .22lr rifle, or .22 air rifle or .22lr pistol event.  Classes will be MoBeach Open,  Match, Sport, and  Pistol. Again, Exceptional class will be available to those in need.  

Relays will be on the hour, every hour, from 8 a.m. until 12 p.m.  A spot on a preferred relay can be made by contacting Tony Almeida's email. 

Use aalmeida0229@gmail.com 

Please remember we are limited to 40
Competitors due to time, and range 

But don't forget 50/50 raffle for the
Disable American Veterans. Remember
it's the selected charity we support.

Competitors will have 5 minutes for equipment setup and unlimited sighting shots on paper sighting targets. If you have your own adjustable seat, bring it.

There will be three paper targets for this event. First paper target has four lines of different animal silhouettes. Only 1 shot at each animal silhouette for a total of 20.

Second paper target has 25 circles, each
3/8 inch. Only 1 shot at each target, for total of 25.  SIGHTING TARGETS ARE AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS CIRCLE TARGET.

Third paper target is a Tie Breaker bullseye 
with 1 shot only.

Competitors have a total of 30 minutes to
engage all the targets in this event.

What's the shooting position I hear you ask. Why it's seated on your derriere extraordinaire,  but front support only !


Now here's the course of fire, stolen at great personal risk, from far off & exotic venues, just for your competitive pleasure.
                 YOU'RE WELCOME !


Any shot completely within the animal
silhouette = 1 pt

Any shot partially within the animal 
silhouette  = 1/2 pt

Any shot completely missing the animal 
silhouette  =  public ridiculing


Any shot completely within the white
of the circle  = 3 pts

Any shot impacting inner black border
of the circle  = 2 pts

Any shot impacting outer black border 
of the circle  = 1 pt

Any shot completely missing the 
circle  =  public shaming

Ok, for March 16th match it's all about the Flies. Competitors can use a .22lr rifle or pistol, even a 22 cal air rifle.

Why is it called " FLYAPALOOSA ", and what the hell are the Flies you're talking about ?

Backyard Inventor and you'll see.

There will also be a $ side match.  Read 
about it after the main Course of Fire. 

Classes will once again be MoBeach Open,  Match, Sport, Pistol, and for those in need there is " Exceptional "

For those that don't know what  "Exceptional " is,  just show up, it will be
explained, after we get your cash.

Speaking of cash, don't forget our 50/50 raffle, which supports our chosen charity, 
the Disabled American Veterans. 

Competitors will have 35 minutes for all
shots, both sighters & score. Sighting targets are on top of the target itself. 

Scoring will be 1 point if the head or body
is hit, 0 points if the legs or wings are hit,
and negative 1 point if fly is unscathed!

                       COURSE of FIRE 

                   1 round at each of the 
                    25 flies on each target.
                    There will be 2 targets.
                    Distance 50 ft, front and 
                    support allowed 

                    1 round at the Tie Breaker

                     Total time 35 minutes for
                     for set up, sighters and

                            SIDE MATCH

MoBeach is supplying the rifles, vintage 22lr pump action rifles & ammo. Cash prize to the high score. Targets are the MoBeach paper egg targets. MoBeach paper egg  target scoring.  Sorry, no sighters, no classes, and only $1. CASH PRIZE for 1st

Stage 1:  1 round at each of the 10
                  paper targets. Time 3 minutes
                  Shot seated off your elbows. 


Stage 1:  1 round at each of the 10
                 targets.  Your rifle  & ammo,
                 time limit 1 minute. No
                 front and rear support allowed 
                 Shot seated off your elbows

Hello Competitors   02-17-2024

To start off, I'd like to thank everyone who attended this event.   It's because of you that these matches happen.

There was  total of 43 competitors,  just over the usual 40, but the MoBeach crew
made it work.

A special thanks to Ellen Miller,  who made the almond pastries, Bill Hobbs,  who helped with clean-up, and Jack, the statistician, who had to deal with fractions,
then converting to decimal !

Now on to the results


Paul Souza.                            40.5

                          AIR RIFLE

Steve Travers.                          77.5


Steve Dellelo.                           80
Sam Fulton.                              74
Paul Tudor.                               70
Rich Barbieri.                           68.5
Robert Kent.                             55
Jorge Amaral.                          49
Charlie Dedecko.                     44
Roger Poineau.                        40
Bruce Fulton.                            39.5
Frank Skowronski.                   35.5
Jack Savastano.                       33
Dan Gilmore.                             17.5


Russ Burns.                                92
Steve Shaver.                             90
Paul Horigan.                             74.5
Tom Meacham.                         71.5
Gary Rochefort.                         67
Mike Long.                                 60
Nicholas Zimmerman.             40


David Kelson.                             92
Bill Hobbs.                                  87.5
Al Sim.                                         73.5


Dave Froh.                                  85
Peter Rioux.                               83.5
Warren Williamson.                  82
Jake Fricke.                               76
Kevin Bush.                               75.5
Wally Kolaitis.                           74.5
Brian Belliveau.                         72
Justin Souza.                            65
Steve Daniels.                           56.5
Howard Hull.                             53
Doug Morin.                              45.5
Evan lampros.                           43.5
Andre Paillex.                            24.5
Cheryl Bush.                         Top Secret 


Ellen Miller.                             61.5  -  1st


Ken Lanagan.                          77
Dennis Thompson.                 67
Ernie Hall.                                54
Sue Rochefort.                       45.5

Once again, thank you all for attending.  The March program should be emailed in a couple of days.  So stay safe, because you're expected to attend in March.

If you can't make, just mail the entry fee to me at the club, and I'll make up a fictitious 
score for you !

OH! One last thing.  Congratulations Gary
Rochefort who won the 50/50 raffle by buying a LOT of raffle tickets to support the D.A.V.  Thanks Gary.