22lr Precision Rifle Series


  Precision Rifle Series has been around for quite a while and has grown in popularity recently more commonly known as PRS. https://www.precisionrifleseries.com/ It is basically a rifle match that tests your skills as a shooter with different stages(7-9 per match)and setups of target arrays all to be shot in a certain order or time limit, the stage descriptions vary. This is a positional type match where the rifle is supported on various props and most times has movement from position to position. MoBeach is now hosting 3 Rimfire 22LR matches per year. We hold them on a Sunday usually. There are targets from 35 yards out to 300 yards so some type of ballistic APP or a kestrel is key to being able to dial or hold over for the different array of targets during the stage. Some of the APP's are free for your phone. Target sizes are anywhere from the 1/4" size on the KYL rack up to 12" x 12" that will be out at 300 yards, all steel rimfire targets specifically so they are easier to spot the misses and impacts. Competitors group up in 3 squads usually and rotate the order after each stage. At our range, there will be one stage per opening in the No Blue Sky structure so every 3 benches. An RO runs the shooter and a spotter will count the impacts, the more experienced shooters take turns with this assignment. There are different Divisions - open, production, semi-auto and also Air Gun. There are categories as well - Lady, Junior, Senior, International and Military/Law Enforcement. The match course of fire usually requires about 100 rounds and you should have match grade ammo to be competitive, so bring 120 minimum enough for sighters also. There will be a sight-in period before the match at 50 yards, then a safety briefing will be held. Sign up for matches is held on https://practiscore.com/ and in order to register, you need to make an account, it is free. You do not need to be a member of the PRS Rimfire Series to shoot the match. All scores will go onto Practiscore after the match.
 I can post links to the registration page, however, you will need to be logged in on Practiscore to register or even see the page. If you are new to this type shooting match, at minimum you need a rifle capable of 1 MOA or better since the target sizes are average 2-1/2 MOA, smaller in close and a bit bigger out far. A scope with first focal plane is preferred however, run what you bring as long as you know the DOPE. Check the many youtube videos about PRS to get more of an idea what to expect. We have had a few informal matches in the past. If you don't have support bags etc. , just ask one of us and I'm sure you could borrow when it is your turn.

First match is March 24th so the rifle range will be closed that day, sorry. Schedule after that will be for April 28th and then August 11, 2024 so plan accordingly.


Any questions, Email me the match director Bruce May bruce@bmwoodworking.com or at mobeachprs@gmail.com

Thank You!